You’ll never be immune to cybercriminals. But you can cost too much to crack.

You’ll always be at a disadvantage in hacker wars.
All you can do is give the Threat Actors every reason to pick on someone else by increasing their costs with your backup security. They’ll eventually figure out how to beat it, but you’d already have something better.

I have what I need to keep my backup data safe.”

~ Way too many IT team leaders

No, you don’t. You think you do because you were ahead of the pack six months ago. Hot tip: six months might as well be sixty years.

Today’s hackers are just as skilled as you are (if not more), and they can hold you hostage, shame your reputation or sell your data on the dark web to the highest bidder. More like all of the above.

That’s why you’ll want to give them a legitimate reason to leave you alone. An expensive-to-crack security system would do it.

Backup applications are notoriously unprotected, and threat actors have started to take notice. While you’ve been spending most of your efforts locking down your priority applications and systems, you might have left the back door wide open.

That’s why you need Backup from people who are as paranoid as you should be. They’ll eventually figure out how to beat it, but you’d already have something better.

An outrageously unfathomable $11 Billion

This is the amount of damage caused by cybercrime worldwide in 2019. For context, that’s the combined gross GDP of California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Georgia, Washington State and Massachusetts.

We see no indication of cybercriminal activity slowing down.

In fact, we see the opposite, and there’s not much you can do about it. All you can do is be so challenging to hack that the bad actors deem you not worth their time.

Learn about the latest the Threat Actor tactics, techniques and procedures and how to stop them from getting to your backups.

Meet Your Opponents

  • The Cyber Mercenary

    The Cyber Mercenary

    The guns for hire. These threat actors sell their services to the highest bidder to steal data, disrupt or destroy infrastructure.

  • The Organized Criminal

    The Organized Criminal

    AKA APT Groups. Unlike most cyber criminals, these groups would pursue their objectives over months or years. They adapt to cyber defenses and frequently retarget the same victim.

  • The Insider Threat

    The Insider Threat

    Usually employees, former employees or contractors with inside information concerning the organization’s security practices, data and computer systems and a score to settle.

  • The Script Kiddie

    The Script Kiddie

    Hackers in the making. These unskilled individuals use scripts or programs developed by others to attack computer systems and networks or deface websites.

  • The State Sponsored

    The State Sponsored

    These are the true Military and Intelligence apparatuses of modern warfare. They are backed by giant budgets, military objectives and extremely complex tools.

  • The Hacktivist

    The Hacktivist

    These are larger groups that want to make a statement or promote a political agenda. Common techniques include DDoS attacks or Web Defacements.

You win when you’re not worth hacking. Become too expensive and time-consuming to hack. They’ll move on.

We reinforce all the popular breach points.

Our platform’s core features were carefully developed to work independently and together. They’re each industry-leading, and as a group, they’re the best chance you have against modern cybercriminals.

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Our Core Features Set Us Apart …

  • Advanced Ransomware Detection

    Advanced Ransomware Detection

    Real-time scans of files on backup and restoration to prevent advanced ransomware embedding itself silently in backup repositories.

  • Deep MFA

    Deep MFA

    App-centric MFA-enabled passwordless sign-in is available throughout the software stack to protect sensitive data at multiple levels in the system.

  • Immutable Retention

    Immutable Retention

    Immutability prevents the malware from deleting, modifying, or encrypting the data from object storage during the immutable retention period.

  • Variable Repository Naming

    Variable Repository Naming

    Creating a moving target gives you the upper-hand. If it can’t find them, it can’t delete them, nor does it know what storage volumes, file systems, or buckets to delete.

  • Enable Secret Soft-Delete

    Enable Secret Soft-Delete

    Soft-delete moves the data to a hidden folder for a set period of time pre-determined by the admin, deceiving the malware into thinking it has eliminated the backups.

  • Agentless Architecture

    Agentless Architecture

    Simplifies installation and ongoing operations in your environment by eliminating the downtime and disruption of deploying and maintaining agents.

  • Autonomic Healing

    Autonomic Healing

    Constantly monitor logical and physical integrity of backup data as it’s written to storage.

  • Validation Restore

    Validation Restore

    Ensures data is restorable by simulating real recoveries (without actually writing the restored data).

AI Powered Bi-directional Ransomware Protection: An eye on the back door.

Modern cyber security puts a lot of emphasis on keeping hackers from breaching your customers’ environments head on. Industrious criminals found a workaround.

They implant their virus in your customers’ backup repository, which slowly and stealthily infects their files until no clean data exists in the entire backup environment.

Then they strike with a silly diversion, pushing you to do a full or partial backup. This pulls their hidden viral code into your customers’ live environment and they hit your client up for ransoms again and again.

Attack-loop™ Ransomware Protection is like a back-door bouncer.

It keeps unauthorized code from penetrating your customers’ backup repository and scrubs their existing backup for malware before they (or you) have a chance to recover it back into their live data sets.

Your customer can store an unlimited version of their backed-up files, take advantage of short RTOs and RPOs, and easily roll back to unencrypted versions if an attack does occur. And you both can be one firm and confident step ahead of the hackers.

Other protective measures

Zero-Day Exploit Protection

Our signature-free technology doesn’t rely on a database of known malware to identify unauthorized code. It knows your code and can spot and identify anything that seems off.

Variable File Naming

To prevent recognition and deletion by malware and people looking to disrupt your customers’ business, our system renames file repositories in non-standard formats. We can even make decoys to send malware in fruitless directions.

How to prevent the Attack-Loop

Deep MFA: Keep the threat actors sufficiently frustrated.

Even if a hacker thinks to start working on your back door, Deep MFA won’t let them in because it has too many variables. They’ll eventually give up and seek out an easier path to pay dirt somewhere else.

Deep MFA + Immutable retention

Acronym fans call immutable retention WORM: write once, read many.

WORM prevents anyone other than administrators from deleting, modifying or moving a file from storage. You know you can rely on it to set indefinite immutability or you can set it to expire after a certain time.

It sounds great. But it’s not massively challenging for a skilled hacker to get around. The only questions are how long it would take and is the effort worth the payout.

Deep MFA makes the process more challenging for them — so much more that they often come to realize you’re not worth their time, especially when so many other firms leave their back doors wide open.

But the attackers know this too. And that’s why immutability is now no longer enough on its’ own. Without Deep MFA, attackers use the backup software against itself to circumvent storage immutability.

Other Deep MFA features

Secure Setup Wizard

This lets your administrator increase people’s accessibility easily. It includes configuration of security settings, DS-System and DS-Client connections, users and permissions, and email/alert settings.

Backup Credentials Management

Configure backup credentials from one location. When a credential’s saved, you can select it when creating a backup instead of manually entering them each time.

Multiple Approvers

You can authorize people within or outside your organization; this could include internal team members, clients, suppliers, vendors or professional service providers like lawyers and accountants. Threat actors won’t know who you approved or how many people have authorization. Finding out will cost attackers a lot of money — often too much to make the exercise worth their time.

Fighting cybercriminals is hard work. But it doesn’t mean your Backup Operations has to be.

We’ll take the burden of data-related inconvenience off your shoulders, and remove the possibility of data-related disasters for your customers. We’ve simplified modern backup to be where your data lives and provide you with the cumulative set of features you’d need to make your backup and recovery solution tough enough to face the modern threat.

Advanced SaaS Protection: Cover your aaS

Extend our cyber protection to your SaaS data with our easy to use Secure Setup Wizard. Safely store and secure SaaS data in your own repository for when you need it most.

Automatic Backups with On-Demand Restore Microsoft 365, G Suite, Salesforce and more.

This lets your administrator increase people’s accessibility easily. It includes configuration of security settings, DS-System and DS-Client connections, users and permissions, and email/alert settings.

Agentless Architecture: Make points of attack disappear.

Make points of attack disappear. On an agent-based architecture, all machines connected to an open port on your customers’ networks are vulnerable to a breach. Depending on how many employees a customer has and how many you or your customer don’t trust to see a phish attempt, that could be a problem.

Our solution puts the software right on the connected machines. This cuts out vulnerable-to-attack long-running processes on the target host.

No process to manage

Devices and machines across your customers’ networks are connected to the platform using the standard protocols on those devices. All they’ll have to do is decide how they want their data backed up and recovered.

Less pinging for more power

Communication is established only when a backup needs to be performed. This differs from agent-based platforms that continuously ping servers to request tasks. Depending on your customer’s size, this could slow core function and increase downtime.

Lower costs

No modifications are required for your current on-prem or cloud environments. We talk directly to the underlying platform through APIs to control security. This will save you or your customer from spending money on tech and losing time modifying.

Customizable Storage: Rules set. Goals met.

We’re a single data protection solution for an entire enterprise, but we don’t force “one-size-fits-all” protection. You or your customer can easily establish granular rules to achieve individual data protection objectives.

Set protocols as your customers’ need them. Some VMs may only need to be backed up once while others may require daily backups. Other VMs running mission critical apps may need to be replicated hourly to a warm standby for fast failover and disaster recovery. You can change your protocols at will so what you offer your customers is always on point.

Other benefits of customizable storage

Easier to take on sensitive projects

When you can set your customers’ data storage rules as you see fit, you can adjust as needed as new opportunities present themselves.

Respond to threats before they threaten

If you hear of a situation brewing in your region or industry, you can pre-emptively set new protection protocols for your customers.

Support individuals differently

If some people in your customers’ offices are given more access to sensitive information than others, you can adjust their backup protocols to protect what they have.

Recovery Time Customization: Stay working

Depending on a customer’s RTO and/or RPO requirements, you may need near-instant recovery for some mission-critical applications and data. No problem.

We’ll protect the availability of any digital point in time so you can get your customers there and back faster. You can choose from:

Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

For specific backup sets to ensure your customers can be up and running quickly with minimal data loss.

Incremental Backup

Your customers can back up VMs by retrieving only the changed blocks from the server and incremental pieces from the source.

Snapshot capability

Set and exceed ultra-aggressive RPO and RTO goals for customers with large data sets.

Granular Recovery: Eliminate the haystack.

Most companies want to backup an entire data source for full protection but will usually only need to recover individual items or files.

We make that easy for your customers to do from VMs, Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint servers and SaaS-based databases. Recover quickly and get back to work faster.

Cut smartly

A convenient feature enables the backup of hundreds of mailboxes from a Microsoft Office 365 domain to one backup set so customers could recover something as specific as an attachment or calendar entry without having to take all data in the domain.

And they can choose where you want the recovered files to go — like back to the cloud or onto a local file on your laptop.

Maximum Manageability. Relax. It’s all easy.

We’ve simplified capacity management. This makes having a comprehensive, unified, organization-wide view of your systems, users and devices easy.

But wait, there is more… Some of our other popular features we rarely brag about.

Single consolidated repository

Organize data currently backed up in silos scattered across the enterprise in one easy-to-recover place.

Single-pane-of-glass view

Manage from an intuitive web-based dashboard with cross-enterprise visibility for the most complex disaster recovery and business continuity strategies. Could include modules for branch locations, local/remote backup and data centres.

Support for private, hybrid and public cloud

Choose the cloud architecture or deployment model that best suits your business needs. Easily migrate as your needs evolve.

World-class service from our worldwide partner network

Minimize your spend on backup and recovery and have the confidence that what you spend is worth the investment.

Block-Level Incremental Forever

We perform block-level incremental backups with synthetic rollup after every backup. But we also go a step further to ensure every backup you make is recoverable with our Autonomic Healing and Restore Validation.

Hackers wait for your complacency. Then boom.

That’s their game. They’re patient. They’re methodical. And they’ll eventually beat whatever you throw at them. So, the best way to avoid getting hacked is to make the system too expensive, time-consuming and frustrating to attack.

That’s what you’ll get from Asigra.

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At Asigra, we believe that the value of technology can only be measured by its ability to achieve business objectives. We also believe that ensuring restorability of data is just as important as backup thereof. Our software is sold solely through our global ecosystem of Partners, who deliver cloud backup and recovery solutions for private, public and hybrid clouds. To learn more about Asigra’s flexible data protection service and how an MSP can market and resell data protection services to its customers, visit the Asigra website and register for a free trial.